GoldenRAM Direct Marketing and Sales

At GoldenRAM, sales means more than selling a product. Marketing extends well beyond promoting our company, products and service.

Our sales and marketing efforts are dedicated to identifying the right kind of customers, and then building the right technology and support infrastructure to serve their needs.

GoldenRAM Customizing Service to Each Client's Expectations

We realize that some clients know exactly which products they need, and are concerned only with reliable availability and a favorable price. Their needs can be met through one call or email to one of our independent IT advisors, or by accessing the Memory Locator Tool on the GoldenRAM Direct website.

However, some clients may require additional one-to-one support, suggestions on alternative products that are more affordable, or assurance of order fulfillment regardless of the amount or type of RAM required.

To help these customers review their options, we developed our exclusive, patented Upgrade Detect, a diagnostic software utility that can analyze a single computer, or an entire computer network, and provide a list of compatible computer upgrades and accessories.

GoldenRAM One-to-One Account Representatives

Your GoldenRAM Direct IT advisor is an independent businessperson, trained by GoldenRAM and granted full access to our manufacturing, technology and sales resources.

When you meet with your advisor, you are not negotiating with a distributor at the mercy of a manufacturer, or a middleman. Our advisors are authorized to make front-line, strategic decisions on pricing and distribution to meet the needs of their clients.

GoldenRAM: A Reliable Supply Chain

GoldenRAM maintains vast inventories of computer and laser printer upgrade products. Our remarkable growth and success can be attributed to our dependability in delivering high quality, fully reliable upgrade products to market.

We recognize that OEMs and managers demand not just unfailing quality but a reliable continuity of supply. By eliminating distributors, retailers and other middlemen, GoldenRAM Direct assures its clients of a consistent supply chain from our inventory of RAM computer and printer upgrade products, and a reasonable price on any order from 4 pieces to 4,000.

GoldenRAM Direct offers guaranteed product availability, guaranteed on-time delivery, a lifetime warranty, a service-call reimbursement program, a free technical support hotline, an online order shipping tracking system, an online upgrade configuration guide, a used memory trade-in program, and an overnight product replacement service.

GoldenRAM Technology Built to Order

GoldenRAM Direct can design and manufacture, to exact customer specifications, an almost unlimited variety of board-based products, including proprietary memory modules and cards. Our product line includes proprietary memory products, industry standard SIMMs, DIMMs, SO DIMMs, PCMCIA flash, CompactFlash, miniature cards, cache, video RAM and other enhancements.

GoldenRAM: Discover the Difference Experience Makes

The expertise of our IT advisors and our exclusive technology work together toward the same essential goal – providing our clients with the product information they need now, and anticipating their future needs.