Obtained these Patents in 2004:
US Patent Numbers 7,577,948 7,117,355 6,711,676

GoldenRAM Direct Manufacturing

GoldenRAM plays an integral role in the devices each of us rely upon every day. To keep those devices functioning, RAM must be manufactured to the highest standards by skilled technicians.

GoldenRAM Direct can design and manufacture an almost unlimited variety of RAM and board-based products to exact customer specifications. Our proprietary memory product lines include:

  • Server DIMMs
  • JEDEC PC products
  • SO DIMMs
  • Server storage
  • PC drives

GoldenRAM: An Investment in Excellence

GoldenRAM achieves optimum quality by adhering to a steadfast manufacturing system that ensures continuous process improvement.

We have invested millions of dollars into our OSCAPĀ® (OEM Sales & Contract Assembly Program), which has been developed to meet the unique requirements of the most discriminating engineers, procurement managers and OEM clients.

In addition, our world-class Surface Mount Technology (SMT) facility features new, state-of-the-art, high volume SMT assembly and test equipment.

GoldenRAM: An Investment in People

GoldenRAM's training system ensures that tools, technology and human resources are functioning in unison, and that employees are constantly trained, retrained, and evaluated to follow both existing and emerging procedures. The quality standard our clients demand can only be achieved through employees committed to continuous process improvement.

GoldenRAM Top Global Certifications

Manufacturing within the guidelines of a robust quality system has become more important than ever due to the increasing complexity of computer memory module designs, and the development of advanced DRAMs and Flash.

The world's preeminent quality systems registrars have conducted a thorough audit of the GoldenRAM Quality System and its operating procedures. Our assembly facilities are in full compliance with their requirements and have never failed an audit.

GoldenRAM has also sought and earned additional quality systems certifications that have been adopted by the US automotive industry and the aerospace industry.

GoldenRAM Next-Generation Solutions

Increasing bus speeds require accurate module parasitics for integrated circuits. GoldenRAM has developed its own format for simulation of memory module designs.

Our design control process includes documented design planning, reviews, verification and validation prior to production release. This ensures compliance with design specifications and applicable quality standards.

As a member of the Electronic Association's JEDEC Memory Standards and Packaging Standards Committee, we share our expertise with the top names in the industry. As future technologies and improvements are discussed, GoldenRAM has a seat at the table and is a prominent participant in these discussions. That assures our team will always be on the ground floor of next-generation solutions.

GoldenRAM Attention to Detail at Every Phase

Process control is the key to the GoldenRAM manufacturing success. Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure consistent quality.

GoldenRAM Solder Paste Application

We use a comprehensive statistical process control program designed to manage, analyze and report inspection data. This allows real time statistical product control analysis and charting as the data is collected, enabling GoldenRAM production engineers to maintain the highest level of process control.

GoldenRAM Automated Component Placement

Our placement machines are automatic, high precision laser placement systems for the smallest components. Placement rates are some of the fastest in the industry, while providing high accuracy of fine pitch components. Full production speed is achievable for most components. With high-speed laser placement heads and a host line computer that controls and optimizes the production line, short lead times and fast delivery is never an issue at GoldenRAM.

GoldenRAM Set-up Verification

GoldenRAM's Quality Assurance inspection personnel verify each production run set-up. This is achieved by performing a first article inspection to the IPC-A-610 workmanship standard on the first production modules assembled.

GoldenRAM Solder Reflow System

The reflow solder process is controlled by forced convection solder reflow systems. These systems boast profile plot and data acquisition of up to 5 thermocouple points. Plot temperatures vs. time and distance, slope analysis, peak temperature, liquidous times and data logging are just a few of the process control features associated with our equipment. Each PCB type is profiled with the built-in profiler, enabling our production engineers to control the process as close to the solder paste manufacturers' specifications as possible.

GoldenRAM Contamination Monitoring

Module cleanliness is monitored using the Zero Ion ionic contamination tester. Ionic contamination is maintained at levels below 10 micrograms per square inch. The Zero Ion is equipped with a built-in data-logging printer which provides a detailed record of cleanliness evaluation required for statistical process control.

GoldenRAM Calibration and Maintenance

GoldenRAM has established a calibration and preventive maintenance program for all of its key process equipment, including manufacturing, inspection and testing. This prevents extensive down time, enhances effective manufacturing processes, and ensures continuing process capability. These systems are fully compliant with ANSI-Z540 and traceable to the National Institute of Standard and Technology.

GoldenRAM ESD Handling

The passage of static charge through an electrostatic-discharge-sensitive device can result in catastrophic failure or performance degradation. GoldenRAM has established minimum requirements for electrostatic-discharge (ESD) control methods and materials to prevent possible product damage. Our ESD handling spec is patterned after the Electronic Industries Association's EDS Handling Spec EIA-625, the most comprehensive semiconductor ESD handling spec in the industry.

GoldenRAM Manufacturing Environment

Humidifiers have been installed throughout the manufacturing area as part of an automated climate control system to facilitate an ideal manufacturing environment. Temperature and humidity are carefully monitored using a microprocessor-based temperature and relative humidity recorder.

GoldenRAM In-process Inspection

Prior to testing, Quality Assurance Inspection personnel perform an in-process inspection of assembled modules. This is done on a sample basis per the ANSI Z1.4 sampling plan, the requirements of the product drawing, and the IPC-A-610 standards. Non-conforming conditions are documented and reported back to Manufacturing for immediate corrective action.

GoldenRAM Functional, Parametric and Electrical Testing

Parametric testing checks for continuity, shorts, I/O leakage, and current. Functional testing is performed to full specification at operating frequency using multiple patterns under a specified load. Electrical testing checks individual cells for soft and hard errors, as well as noise tolerance. We conduct parametric, functional and electrical testing on all of our computer memory products.

GoldenRAM Advanced RAM Testing Program

At-speed testing has become a critical issue due to the increased bandwidth and high-speed requirements of RAM and emerging DRAM architectures including DDR4 and Mobile RAM. Conventional asynchronous RAM testing is no longer adequate for high performance operations. GoldenRAM's commitment Advanced RAM Memory Module Development and Testing Program ensures our delivery of consistently high-quality memory products.

GoldenRAM Environment Reliability Testing

Environment reliability testing is necessary to detect a variety of defects that might otherwise go undetected. GoldenRAM performs required memory component tests, including HTS, HAST, TC, PCT and THB.

GoldenRAM Final Quality Assurance Inspection

A final QA inspection is performed per the ANSI Z1.4 sampling plan, drawing requirements, and the IPC-A-610 acceptability standard. This final inspection ensures that only high-quality products, which have met all document requirements, are placed in inventory and shipped to GoldenRAM customers.

GoldenRAM Protective Packaging

GoldenRAM patterned its packaging materials standard after that of the Electronics Industries Association (document number EIA-541). All packaging and filler materials used have been tested to ensure that they will not triboelectric charge to greater than plus/minus 200 volts under normal/intended use. All ESDS devices are shipped and received in ESD protective packaging that is never opened except in an ESD protected area or workstation.

GoldenRAM Labeling

GoldenRAM memory product labels include a product description/part number, the internal work order number, and the date of manufacture.

With GoldenRAM you have access to a turnkey solution that incorporates custom design, component procurement, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping. We can even fulfill assembly contracts using OEM supplied designs and components.