Desktop RAM: Boost System Performance in Seconds 

Adding desktop memory is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve your system's performance. But it’s vital to obtain memory modules only from trusted sources.

As our company name suggests, RAM has always been essential to what we do. As a pioneer in the third-party computer memory industry, we provide desktop RAM that generates high customer ratings, while delivering the reliability that ensures consistent performance.

We design, manufacture and test our memory to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
Whether you need Desktop, Server or Laptop RAM, we have the best pricing, delivery time (with 24/7 online transaction processing) and selection to earn your business for life. Plus, GoldenRAM memory will not void your service warranty.

Through our comprehensive warehouse network, we are often able to offer two-hour rush delivery – no other company can get you back in business faster. 

These are the most popular desktop RAM modules in our extensive list. Call your rep if the part you need is not listed.