Launched in 1988, GoldenRAM helped pioneer the 3rd party computer memory industry. The company started by offering a 1-megabyte memory module designed to work in Compaq's first 32-bit computer system. Next, after becoming a recognized manufacturer of computer upgrades, GoldenRAM hired engineers and purchased millions of dollars in additional manufacturing equipment. Within seven years, the company had reached $178 million in annual sales and founder, Chris Zomaya, was named America's Entrepreneur of the Year.

GoldenRAM Building, Irvine California

Today, GoldenRAM manufactures over 6,000 upgrade products and is one of the world's fastest growing privately held corporations. That has allowed it to achieve among the highest commercial credit ratings in America.

By offering a full spectrum of hardware and software products, GoldenRAM has shown its customers that, whether they need a printer cable or a high-end server, they can comfortably centralize their purchasing to just one vendor. And eventhough GoldenRAM prices are often as much as 40 percent less than its competitors, this price advantage is never achieved by compromising quality. In fact, GoldenRAM has met the International Standards Organization (ISO) highest rating of ISO 9001:2000, and GoldenRAM's QS9000 and AS9100 ratings allow it to supply computer products and components to the automotive, aerospace and aircraft industries. GoldenRAM has also been awarded General Services Administration (GSA) approval to sell its products to federal, state, and local government agencies.

The bottom line is, GoldenRAM has always been an industry leader in high-tech innovation, quality and customer service. And the future looks even brighter.

Our Tools Make Your Life Easier

  • Finding the right upgrades for your needs can be tough, but we have made it easy. UPGRADEDETECT can do the detective work for you to help you find the best upgrades for your system.
  • Our powerful upgrade configurator, UPGRADEPRO so you can order the correct upgrade product the first time.
  • Our CROSS REFERENCE Guide will save you money on a generic equivalent or reduce backorders on brand name goods.
  • WEBTRAX, is the cutting edge of order locating systems. Through our website, you can track every order from the moment we receive it, to staging, shipping, global positioning and transit to your door 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

Our Services that Differentiate Us

  • Critical factors when selecting a primary vendor, are product availability and pricing. Our unique 'N Stock guarantee promises a complete inventory of all major brand systems, ready for same-day shipping. Because of our high volume and expertise, our memory and drive solutions can save you as much as 40% off other manufacturer's prices.
  • GOLDENRAM's foundation of total quality standards ensures perpetual product and service improvement. Because of these standards, and the Magnuson & Moss Act passed by Congress, our products don't void the original equipment product warranty.
  • Our products are stocked at key locations, ready for same day delivery for emergency orders.
  • GOLDENRAM is committed to being Simply The Best by providing quality products and services which meet the needs of its employees, customers, and suppliers.