Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

GOLDENRAM Upgrades Will Not Void Your Server Warranty!

  • The Magnuson Moss Act
  • Understanding the Magnuson Moss Act

The Magnuson Moss Act

What is the Magnuson Moss Act?
The Federal Trade Commission Magnuson-Moss Act protects consumers. This act passed in 1975 states that tie-in sales provisions are NOT allowed in consumer warranties. Manufacturers cannot require consumers to purchase items or services in order to keep their warranty valid.

Essentially, the act states that a warrantor cannot require the consumer of their product (a server) to buy an additional product or service (OEM memory) to be used with the original product in order to maintain the original product warranty.

In other words, you cannot be required to add the server manufacturer's memory to maintain the warranty on the system. Also, the server manufacturer cannot state that the system warranty is void if other "brands" of peripherals are used.

For example:
If you purchased ABC computer but chose to use XYZ brand memory, ABC Computer Company cannot void the warranty or refuse to provide service on your ABC computer.

In addition to the Magnuson-Moss Act any manufacturer that conditions its warranty on purchases of its own equipment may violate the antitrust laws.

Understanding the Magnuson-Moss
Warranty Act

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